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Team Server 2016 is a data governance repository that can be used as an aid in managing enterprise data. It centralizes data resources, aids in resource-allocation planning, and fosters collaboration.

As an inventory, Team Server 2016 stores the following resources:

  • Datasource definitions
  • ER/Studio data models
  • Glossaries and definitions
  • User details.

Team Server 2016 is also a communications hub and information center. Activity streams provide the following:

  • Add, modify, and delete resource details are logged.
  • Users can post comments on resources or to other users.

Common social media conventions such as Likes and Follows are supported.

Rapid SQL integrates with Team Server 2016. For information on preliminary steps, see Setting up and Connecting to Team Server 2016. Once configured and connected, the following options are provided:


Datasource definitions on Team Server 2016 can be viewed in the Datasource Navigator. Local datasources created from the Team Server 2016 definitions can be permanently synchronized with the definitions on Team Server 2016. A set of options and actions let you manage your local and Team Server 2016 datasource definitions and their relationships. An advanced search mechanism is also provided. For details, see Working with Team Server 2016 Datasources.

Data models

If a database or schema of a synchronized datasource has associated model data in Team Server 2016, model data such as alerts and attribute/entity descriptions can be displayed in the SQL Editor as Code Assist proposals, as comments automatically added to scripts, as tooltips, and as the basis for warnings due to alerts. For details, see Viewing Embacadero Team Server 2016 Model Metadata in the SQL Editor.

Activity Streams

Users can monitor their own activity stream or the activity stream for a datasource definition on the Team Server 2016. For details, see Working with Team Server 2016 Streams.

Team Server 2016 as Datasource Catalog

Rapid SQL lets you work with Team Server 2016 as the datasource catalog. For details, see Working with Team Server 2016 as Datasource Catalog.

Working from Team Server 2016

In addition, Rapid SQL lets you open a browser interface that lets you work directly with Team Server 2016. For details, see Working Directly with Team Server 2016.