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Thank you for using Team Server, the award-winning web-based tool to access, search, edit and manage enterprise metadata. Team Server is a model and metadata collaboration platform that provides greater meaning, understanding and, context to enterprise data. Data professionals, developers, and business analysts gain better comprehension and compliance using integrated model, metadata and collaboration tools.

These Release Notes contain important information that might not appear in the Team Server documentation. We recommend that you read this page in its entirety. These Release Notes are for Team Server 17.0.x. If you are seeing this information offline, you may find more updated information of the current version of these notes on the online documentation.

Bug Fixes and Known Issues

Bugs Fixed in Team Server 17.0.2

RWP-6644 The interactive viewer was not expanding to utilize available screen space in the browser.
RWP-6896 Corrected an issue in publishing of data model diagrams that contained very large attachment lists.
RWP-7068 Corrected an issue that occurs in Oracle hosted environments when checking in diagrams that have very large attachments, resulting in error message:

ORA-22835: Buffer too small for CLOB to CHAR or BLOB to RAW conversion.

RWP-7085 Updated repository/Team Server configurator to allow specification data and index tablespace parameters for Oracle hosted environments.
RWP-7130 Some reports were returning Oracle NCLOB information, rather than the data in the column.
RWP-7270 Corrected error message that stated password was incorrect in the configurator, when user profile name was incorrect, but the password was correct.
RWP-7353 Modified configurator behavior so that license is only being retrieved when required, rather than repetitively while navigating through configuration pages.
RWP-7396 When opening the configurator after initial installation, the previously specified settings were not showing on the first page. They now show correctly.
RWP-7446 Windows service account validation was not showing an error message if credentials were entered incorrectly.
RWP-7648 Modified configurator so tat HTTPS configuration can be modified after initial installation if required.
RWP-7656 Modified configurator to allow administrator to modify the Windows Service username and/or password after the intitial configuration is complete.
RWP-7660 If the Tomcat application server was disrupted during publishing of a diagram, the diagram was left in scheduled state.

Now, at restart of the Tomcat service, diagrams for which publish was in progress are flagged as error status, so that they can be reviewed and resubmitted.

RWP-7688 The configurator has been modified so that the administrator can modify database connection credentials after the initial installation.
RWP-7720 Corrected a bug whewrein specification of some LDAP settings was causing the configurator to hang, rather than proceeding with migration during upgrades.
RWP-7803 Corrected issue that was preventing successfl installation of Repository/Team server on DB2.
RWP-7829 Changed configurator to allow update of Single Sign-on parameters subsequent to initial installation.

Bugs Fixed in Team Server 17.0.1

RWP-7308 Corrected issue in which Team Server trial request was not initiating from configurator.
RWP-7486 When upgrading from a previous version, the configurator was not validating the database name correctly.
RWP-7491 Corrected issue with serial number retrieval for trials.
RWP-7498 Corrected link to parent items in cascading follow hierarchy when displaying in Streams.
RWP-7499 Corrected intermittent error when very first publish contains two diagrams.
RWP-7528 Corrected intermittent issue in which configuration of LDAP properties was locking the UI, preventing initiation and execution of the remainder of the configuration process.
RWP-7535 Removed incorrect hyperlink for published attachment bindings.
RWP-7559 Corrected occasional error in creating change management project associations. This problem was occurring on DB2 hosted Team Server databases only.
RWP-7570 In some situations, when removing (un-publishing) a data model diagram, objects for that model remain visible in ERObjects. This is corrected so that the diagram, images and objects are properly removed.
RWP-7607 Re-publishing a model in Team Server was not removing universal mappings that had been removed in Data Architect.
RWP-7613 Repeated association and unassociation of linked Jira projects was showing duplicate change records. This has been corrected.
RWP-7639 Corrected layout of "New Association" button in Change Management Project Setup.
RWP-7640 Corrected situation whereby "Admin" user was appearing twice on the "People" tab.
RWP-7651 Universal mappings for some workspace objects were not showing in Team Server. This has been corrected.
RWP-7657 Corrected intermittent issue with first workspace check-in to repository from Business Architect. This was occurring on DB2 hosted repository/Team Server databases only.
RWP-7681 License terms link has been corrected to point to the correct license agreement.
RWP-7683 Corrected truncation of checkin/checkout comments longer than 255 characters so that they appear correctly in Team Server Change Management Center.
RWP-7685 Property types of Application objects corrected to display in mixed case.
RWP-7691 The Definition for some published Business Architect process elements was not showing correctly when published to Oracle hosted Team Server instances. This has been corrected.
RWP-7692 Corrected spelling of "Description" field heading in reports for choreography.
RWP-7695 Categories for conversation objects were not showing when published in Team Server. The categories are now showing correctly after being published.
RWP-7696 When following choreography, the objects were shown as "unknown" in the user's stream. This has been corrected to show the proper embedded choreography name.
RWP-7698 Shared reports for process models were showing a blank page rather than report results. This has been corrected.
RWP-7701 Fixed consistency in publishing of True/False property values for workspace objects published to Team Server.
RWP-7707 Task properties metadata has been added to published task in team server. Specifically, properties for the following:

- Loop Type: None, Standard, Parallel Multiple, Sequential Multiple

- Adhoc Type: True, False

RWP-7708 When following embedded subprocesses, the objects were shown as "unknown" in the user's stream. This has been corrected to show the proper embedded subprocess name.

Bugs Fixed in Team Server 17.0

RWP-7236 Update Team Server to incorporate Tomcat 8.5.14.
RWP-7361 Remove machine name from Change Record Details page.
RWP-7432 Corrected licensing error when re-registering Team Server 2016 core serial number in later versions.
RWP-7435 Correction to HTTPS setup which could cause a Solr server exception.
RWP-7448 Updates to universal mapping links.
RWP-7457 Corrected error when attempting to add new user that is identical to a previously deleted user.
RWP-7459 Correction to synchronization of attachments.
RWP-7474 Replaced Alert icon on Security Properties page.
RWP-7511 Corrected intermittent problem with removing multiple diagrams from the publication page at once.
RWP-7517 Performance improvements for multiple views used in model publishing and object browsing.
RWP-7519 Corrected license update error when updating from prior version license.
RWP-7524 This edition of Team server includes an updated version of Apache struts (2.5.10) which addresses several potential security vulnerabilities in addition to general improvements.
RWP-7541 Corrected truncation error in several rich text format editors.
RWP-7544 Incorrect icon is shown after upgrade from TS 16.1.5 in some configurations.
RWP-7545 Description field was shown twice on task properties page.
RWP-7546 Performance improvement when loading tasks to change management center page
RWP-7549 Corrected bug when removing association of a repository project to a JIRA project.
RWP-7554 Corrected error with universal mapping bindings for shapes.
RWP-7556 Universal mappings missing for attachment bindings in DB2 hosted repository.
RWP-7561 Error message when adding Business Architect workspace to DB2 repository.
RWP-7569 Error in configuration screen when trying to update repository password.

Known Issues

RWP-7318 It's not possible to customize text in Rich Text Editor by 3 or more options
RWP-7399 A second term with the same name is not editable
RWP-7454 Reports scheduled through subscriptions are not working
RWP-7675 Glossaries, Terms: Customized Definition field is shown with HTML tags

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