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Here you can find a list of some frequently encountered problems and their solutions or workarounds.

Most problems can be fixed by making sure that your system is running the latest software. Before you start troubleshooting, it is advised that you make sure your product is up to date.

Cannot Connect to Team Server

Unable to Connect

If your web browser cannot establish a connection to the Team Server server:

  • Check that the URL you are trying to access is Team Server's.
  • Check that your system has a working connection to the Team Server server.
  • Check that Team Server is running. See Starting Team Server.
  • Try increasing the maximum memory assigned to Team Server. See Changing the Memory Limit of Team Server.

Template Could Not be Loaded

"Template could not be loaded..."

If you get this error message, you might need to restart the Team Server server. Contact your super user.

Team Server is not showing the Welcome page

Welcome page may not appear the first time you access the home page using an https connection. To resolve this issue and still use the certificate, open on the same browser and then refresh the Team Server home page.

Loading Pages Takes Too Much Time

Try increasing the maximum memory assigned to Team Server. See Changing the Memory Limit of Team Server.

Log Error Messages

There are some log files in the Team Server installation folder that you can watch for error messages and warnings. Here you can see some errors that you might see registered in those log files, what the errors mean, and how to solve them.


java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space

You need to increase the maximum memory assigned to Team Server. See Changing the Memory Limit of Team Server.


<date> - SyncDiagram.bat (stdout) - Could not reserve enough space for object heap

The application cannot start because there is not enough contiguous memory in the system that can be allocated for the application. For example, you are using a virtual machine and have more memory allocated to Team Server than is available on the virtual machine.

You need to decrease the maximum memory assigned to Team Server. See Changing the Memory Limit of Team Server.

tomcat\logs\embarcaderoteamserver-stdout.log & tomcat\logs\embarcaderoteamserver-stderr.log

The creation of these logs is turned off by default. You may want to enable it for debugging purpose.

From Windows: Start > All Programs > Team Server x.x > Configure Tomcat Service.

On the Logging tab set Redirect Stdout and Redirect Stderror values to "auto" (without quotes) and restart the service.


Synchronization Issues

Synchronization fails if Tomcat Service Runs by Domain Administrator (16.0.0)

See ERStudioLauncher.log:

An error was detected after process was created. ERROR CODE: 1314, ERROR MSG: A required privilege is not held by the client.

If the Synch process is not working because of this error, please follow next steps:

  1. Go to the Windows Services Panel and right-click on EmbacaderoTeamServer service, then click on Properties.
  2. Go to Log On tab and check This Account. Introduce the domain account you want to use.
    Notepad blue icon 2.pngNote: The account needs to have “Log in as Service” privileges in the Local Security Policy. This is actually assigned automatically if you enter in the credentials in the Windows Services Panel.
  3. Now you have to modify the RepoDiagrams.bat file under <installdir>\portalIntf directory, so that it always runs PortalIntf.exe directly instead of using ERStudioLauncher. The contents of the batch file could be like:
@echo off
Start /wait /min "erstudio" portalintf.exe -m "ProcessDiagramObjects.bas"


The default number of processes that can be set in Oracle XE is 40. If you exceed the amount of processes you may get a failure, identified in the synchronization logs as ORA-12519, TNS:no appropriate service handler found. The synchronization logs are available in the installation dir\etlvar directory.

Oracle Command.png

To fix this error you can increase the number of available processes by doing the following:

  1. Run SQL*Plus and login as SYSTEM. You should know what password you have used during the installation of Oracle DB XE.
  2. Run the command
     alter system set processes=150 scope=spfile;
    in the SQL*Plus
  3. Restart the database.

If you continue to get this error after increasing the number of available processes by following the above procedure, you may be using up all available processes and need to source the reason for this by examining the processes.

Connect to your database either using the sys account or by logging into your Oracle server and using a direct SQL Plus connection as the Oracle user: sqlplus / as sysdba.

Notepad blue icon 2.pngNote: If you are still getting errors regarding not available processes, you will have to manually kill one of the Oracle processes using the kill command. Then use these two queries to find out how many processes and sessions are currently logged:

1 select count(*) from v$process;
2 select count(*) from v$session;

For Oracle 11g, the default maximum number of processes is 150 (149 available).

Once you have confirmed that you have definitely reached the maximum number of processes, you can use this query to see what they all are and if they are active:

1 SELECT sess.process, sess.status, sess.username, sess.schemaname, sql.sql_text
2 FROM v$session sess,  v$sql     sql
3 WHERE sql.sql_id(+) = sess.sql_id;

Test Data Source Connection Issues

Microsoft SQL Server

If you are trying to connect to one Microsoft SQL Server data sources with ssl enabled with version 2008 or less, you will get these errors.

ErrorCon1.png ErrorCon2.png

Migration issue with HTTPS enabled

There is a known issue regarding the migration process with HTTPS enabled. If you have HTTPS enabled, the migration process will fail. In order to solve this issue, perform the following steps:

  1. Configure https using the configurator.
  2. End the configuration process without running the migration.
  3. Log into Team Server and access the configurator page through My Settings menu and then perform the migration process.

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