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Thank you for using Team Server, the award-winning web-based tool to access, search, edit and manage enterprise metadata. Team Server is a model and metadata collaboration platform that provides greater meaning, understanding and, context to enterprise data. Data professionals, developers, and business analysts gain better comprehension and compliance using integrated model, metadata and collaboration tools.

These Release Notes contain important information that might not appear in the Team Server documentation. We recommend that you read this page in its entirety. These Release Notes are for Team Server 17.1.x. If you are seeing this information offline, you may find more updated information of the current version of these notes on the online documentation.

Bug Fixes and Known Issues

Bugs Fixed in Team Server 17.1.1

RWP-8248 This release addresses a regression error occurring in some instances in which inserting an image in the definition or notes fields in glossaries/terms did not format correctly.
RWP-8207 In some Team Server environments hosted on SQL Server, publishing resulted in incomplete publishing of all model objects. Some objects were missing, but this issue now is corrected.
RWP-8199 Apache struts is upgraded to the latest version (2.5.17). This version of struts contains numerous improvement and addresses vulnerability issues detected in previous struts versions.
RWP-8188 Corrected an issue which sometimes caused duplicate sub-models to appear in the Model Explorer page.
RWP-8144 Descriptive prompts and additional guidance are added to all Repository and Team Server configuration screens as well as the installer.
RWP-8118 The Create Account link is updated to use a newer version of the license page.
RWP-8082 Glossary term hyperlinks now properly work when linking to another item.
RWP-7816 Corrected the icon displayed for Product Pages on the Documentation tab of the Home page.
Note: The original release of 17.1.1 failed to connect when running against SQL Server using TLS 1.2. This issue was fixed in an updated build of 17.1.1 released on Jan. 4, 2019 with Team Server build 17.1.1-201812131816.

Bugs Fixed in Team Server 17.1

RWP-8130 DB2 LUW is currently supported as one of the hosting database platforms for the Repository and Team Server (in addition to SQL Server and Oracle).

Due to extremely low demand for the DB2 configuration, this is the final release for which DB2 will be supported as a Team Server & Repository hosting database.

As of the future 18.0 release, only SQL Server and Oracle will be supported as Repository and Team Server hosts.

At that time, a migration process for from DB2 to SQL Server will be in place.

RWP-8042 Improved performance of search index updates dramatically, because this was causing poor performance when migrating some customer environments.
RWP-7994 Corrected an error which was causing some diagrams to be stuck in "scheduled" state when publishing.
RWP-7966 Corrected a intermittent error with upgrades from version 16.5 halting on Oracle-hosted installations.
RWP-7946 Corrected an error in which attempts to specify an invalid license code caused a "Status 401" error in the configurator.
RWP-7914 Fixed an issue which prevented administrators from updating the database access credentials for Oracle-hosted installations.
RWP-7911 An errant "Update Failed" message was shown when filtering tasks on the Change Management page.
RWP-7904 Corrected an issue in which some upgrades from version 16.5.1 became unresponsive.
RWP-7882 Publishing of some models failed with a buffer overflow error. This is corrected.
RWP-7881 Fixed an intermittent problem with HTTPS configuration page not enabling the "Next" button upon application of valid changes.
RWP-7879 Some reference value definitions were not shown correctly in ERObjects displays.
RWP-7869 Fixed an incorrect HTTPS message when setting up self-signed certificates.
RWP-7862 Corrected an issue where some specified tablespace values caused configurator to halt.
RWP-7861 Corrected an intermittent issue in which notification data was not properly saved when making edits in the configurator.
RWP-7859 Added "None" as dropdown list value when specifying tablespaces.
RWP-7818 Team Server was tested running with only TLS 1.2 connectivity enabled (no SSL) to ensure all functionality works under TLS 1.2.
RWP-7812 SQL Server 2017 is certified as a Team Server/Repository hosting platform.
RWP-7805 Removed the Migrate Solution DB page from configurator. The Solution DB was part of the original Portal architecture with two databases - Reporting and Solution.

Customers upgrading to the current version are already on a version with consolidated databases.

RWP-7796 Corrected an intermittent status 400 error that occurred during migration in some customer environments.
RWP-7789 Corrected an intermittent issue with email notifications not being triggered.
RWP-7739 In some instances, the OVERFLOW_DATA_ASSEMBLED table was not getting cleared, accumulating additional records. This is corrected.
RWP-7655 In some instances, the Change Management Center was showing duplicate tasks. This is resolved.
RWP-7644 Corrected display of task status for task records linked to JIRA.
RWP-7643 In ERObjects, corrected links for attachments used in universal mappings.
RWP-7472 Interactive viewer now shows correct names in name selector when viewing dimensional models.
RWP-7437 Corrected a search index update error that was caused by deleted attachments.
RWP-7183 Windows Server 2016 is now certified as a Repository & Team Server hosting platform.
RWP-7092 Performance improvement to search index invocation after publishing.
RWP-7085 Corrected Configurator to allow an administrator to specify both data tablespace and index tablespace for Oracle-hosted installations.
RWP-6904 Business Data Object (BDO) display in ERObjects now shows submodels that use the BDO.
RWP-6892 Corrected issues with connection to an SSL-enabled SQL Server database.
RWP-6873 Added a test button within the notifications configuration page.
RWP-6689 Corrected display of non-ASCII characters in interactive viewer.
RWP-6587 Improved recovery from REST API call failures when the target API was unavailable.

Known Issues

RWP-7318 It's not possible to customize text in Rich Text Editor by 3 or more options
RWP-7399 A second term with the same name is not editable
RWP-7454 Reports scheduled through subscriptions are not working
RWP-7675 Glossaries, Terms: Customized Definition field is shown with HTML tags

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