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Thank you for using Team Server, the award-winning web-based tool to access, search, edit and manage enterprise metadata. Team Server is a model and metadata collaboration platform that provides greater meaning, understanding and, context to enterprise data. Data professionals, developers, and business analysts gain better comprehension and compliance using integrated model, metadata and collaboration tools.

These Release Notes contain important information that might not appear in the Team Server documentation. We recommend that you read this page in its entirety. These Release Notes are for Team Server 18.0.0. If you are seeing this information offline, you may find more updated information of the current version of these notes on the online documentation.

Bug Fixes and Known Issues

Bugs Fixed in Team Server 18.0.0

RWP-6710 The Publishing console now displays several intermediate status values during publication to provide better visibility of status.

When all processing is complete, the final status is stated as "Published."

RWP-6768 Corrects an issue that occasionally caused some objects in unpublished diagrams to appear in ad-hoc reports.
RWP-6961 Corrects an issue that occurred during publishing, preventing model image generation from properly triggering in some situations.
RWP-7213 Corrects an issue that incorrectly changed published status when renaming a diagram.
RWP-7536 In previous versions, diagrams were incorrectly shown under ER Tools in Team Server.

Publishing is totally redesigned in ER/Studio 18.0, removing the requirement to republish diagrams when upgrading from version 16.1 or later.

Therefore, all previously published items remain in ER Tools and ER Objects.

RWP-7566 Corrects an issue that occasionally prevented some models, submodels, and additional objects from being fully published.
RWP-7580 Corrects an issue that occasionally caused publishing to fail due to a social activity (streams) error.
RWP-7689 Corrects an issue with auto published diagrams that displayed sysadmin rather than the username who checked in the diagram.
RWP-7713 Improved the repository database connection verification within the Team Server/Repository configuration screens.
RWP-7747 Updated the behavior of the Team Server expand (+) and contract (-) buttons to be consistent with the Get Diagrams list in the repository.
RWP-7751 On the Publication page, the Refresh button retains the selected filters.

Filtering capability is fully redesigned in this release, with the ability to define and save complex filter criteria.

RWP-7793 Oracle 12c R2 is certified as a deployment platform for repository and Team Server.
RWP-7854 Improved Team Server recognition of a locked database user profile.
RWP-7867 The installation and configuration of repository and Team Server is significantly enhanced.

This includes improvements to update of installation and license type from Professional Edition to Enterprise Team Edition.

RWP-7897 Corrects an issue in which the configurator did not advance correctly due to licensing credentials.
RWP-7913 Corrects inconsistencies in initial vs update repository configuration for ER/Studio Professional Edition.
RWP-7969 Corrects behavior when checking diagrams in to ER/Studio Professional Edition repository.

In some cases, a publication synchronization error appeared even though diagram publishing is not part of the ER/Studio Professional Edition functionality.

RWP-8021 Corrects the digital signature on the ER/Studio publishing component of the Portal interface.
RWP-8101 Corrects an issue that occurred when moving a domain within a data dictionary, causing an incorrect error message in Team Server.

The message states, "The object may be deleted or not synchronized yet."

RWP-8141 DB2 is no longer supported as a Team Server/Repository hosting platform.
RWP-8150 In ER/Studio 18.0, the Team Server/Repository installation and configuration is completely overhauled.

This results in a much more efficient install/configuration workflow, ease of use, and much faster completion.

There is no longer a requirement to uninstall and re-install when upgrading from 16.1 or later versions. The installer now detects an existing version and upgrade in place.

Existing settings are retained and shown in the configuration screens for confirmation or changes, as required.

In previous versions, the upgrade process was time consuming in large environments, due to the previous requirement to fully republish all diagrams and workspaces.

All published diagrams and workspaces are now retained in their current published state, allowing quick resumption of normal workflow.

Going forward, publish history (with ER/Studio software version) also is retained.

RWP-8151 ER/Studio Enterprise Team Edition publishing of models to Team Server is fully redesigned in this release.

Publishing moved to the main menu in Team Server.

In addition, there are global options for:

  • auto-publish behavior (with override capability)
  • completely redesigned publishing console that supports sortable columns
  • advanced filters
  • publication scheduling
  • drill-down to publication history for each diagram or workspace

The ability to override auto-publish defaults at repository check-in also is incorporated.

Known Issues

RWP-7318 It's not possible to customize text in Rich Text Editor by 3 or more options
RWP-7399 A second term with the same name is not editable
RWP-7454 Reports scheduled through subscriptions are not working
RWP-7675 Glossaries, Terms: Customized Definition field is shown with HTML tags

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