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You can associate enterprise data dictionary attachments with the following Team Server resource types: glossaries, terms, people, data sources, and the following ER objects: tables, columns, logical entities, logical attributes, business entities and business attributes.

When you associate an attachment to a resource type, the Description subpage of the pages of that type of resource include the associated attachment as a custom attribute which you can edit from Team Server.

Add Attachments on ER/Studio Data Architect

In the Data Dictionary, right-click the Attachments folder and then click New Attachment Type. Define the attachment type as required and then click OK to complete the editor.

In the Attachment type folder created, right-click and then click New Attachment.

  1. In the Name tab define the name of the attachment type and provide a description (optional) of the attachment type, such as when and why attachments of this type are used.
  2. In the Value tab select the data type from the lists all supported data types. Optionally, you can define a default value.

Add Diagram Changes and Syncrhonize

You can either:

Publish and Add the Custom Attributes

Go to Team Server and publish the diagram.

Then add the custom attribute to the specific attribute type. For example: Terms.

Add terms with custom attributes

You can either:

  • Add a term and edit it to see and fill the custom attributes.
  • Load it from a CSV File. The custom attributes will be added at the end in order.

For example:

+++ Terms Begin +++,,,,,,,,,,
,TestCA10b,Locked,,,,,,,,"Business Terms",False,10
,TestCA16b,Locked,,,,,,,,"Business Terms",True,16
+++ Terms End +++,,,,,,,,,,

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