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You have the following options to add users to Team Server:

  • You can directly create users within the tool. But the users you create with this tool will be just Team Server exclusive users, not being able to connect to Repository.
  • Use the ER Studio Data Architect Security Center to add and remove users, groups, or roles. This gives you many options to allow different Users and Groups, varying levels of access to your Repository Projects, Diagrams, and Diagram objects.

Add Users using Security Center

  1. Start ER/Studio Data Architect.
  2. On the Repository menu, point to Security and then click Security Center.
  3. To add a user, go to Manage Users tab on the ER/Studio Repository Security Center window and click the "New" button. Include user name, password, and description on the pop-up window, then click Ok.
  4. Now you have this user created in the Repository database and can log in with it.


  • For LDAP users, select Directory Service User check box and include the user name as Domain\Username.
  • For LDAP users, you need to enable LDAP on Team Server prior to synchronizing.
  • User/Role security center changes are not synchronized separately. They need to be synchronized with diagram/model changes.

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