Backing Up and Recovering the Repository

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You should implement a backup and recovery process for your Repository Database. Repository stores critical data in the Repository Server Data folder.

When you add your locally created and managed *.DM1 files to the Repository server, the file is managed in the Repository Database (existing within Oracle, SQL Server or DB2 tables). You can find these files in the ER/Studio Repository installation path. If you accepted the installation default, the files are located in:

  • ...\IDERA\ERStudioX.X\Repository\Data

The Repository Server is the only interface to the Repository database. It is responsible for managing the state of the Repository data. The Repository Server is basically a transaction server for the database. The Repository database also stores the transaction history as well as all security rules and data. Because the Repository server is responsible for data transactions with the database there can only be one Repository server for each Repository database.

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