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Go Up to Admin

My Settings > Admin > Change Management Project Setup

ER/Studio Team Server, Repository, and Data Architect each include features to support Agile change management. ER/Studio XE7 introduced the ability to create tasks to represent Agile user stories or tasks within Data Architect. Since that release, users also can associate tasks from third-party tools, such as Atlassian JIRA, to specific projects available within the Repository Project Center. Similar support also exists in Team Server, where you can add, change, and delete the same tasks using the Change Management Project Setup page available from the My Settings > Admin menu item. For more information about using this feature in Data Architect, see "Change Records" and "Working with Repository Projects in the online help wiki for that product.

Notepad blue icon 2.pngNote: A change management project must exist in Data Architect before it is available for association with a third-party tool such as JIRA.

The Change Management Project Setup page consists of multiple tabs, which are described below.

Project Mapping

The Project Mapping tab allows you to view a list of change management projects created in Data Architect. You first must add the JIRA project details using the New Association dialog, available by clicking the New Association button.


The New Association dialog appears for you to add the URL of your JIRA installation, JIRA administrator credentials, and the Project Key for the JIRA project.


Click the Test & Save button to verify that the entered information is correct. Once saved, the JIRA project details are available in Team Server.

Find the change management project that you want to associate in the Project Mapping tab, and then click the Associate link on that same project line. Now you can add user stories and tasks on the Tasks tab.


Use the Task tab to create tasks for change management projects once they are associated to a JIRA project. Once added to a project, the Task tab displays a list of all tasks available within a change management project.


Change Records

Use the Change Records tab to view a list of all of the changes applied to a change management project. Filters allow you to limit the search results to only those you want to view.


Click the View link to see details for a specific change record.

Changerecords detailedview.jpg

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