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Go Up to Person Pages

Home | click your name or image | Edit.


From the Configure Profile page you can configure your user profile to share some of your personal data with other Team Server social users.

You can edit any of the following fields and click Save Changes at the bottom of the page to save your changes.

Item Description


Click Browse to open a file manager dialog where you can select a local image file. After you select an image file, click Upload to upload the image to Team Server and use it as your user image.

Note: Under the Browse button there is a description of the format and size limitations that Team Server enforces on user images. If your image does not fit those limitations, uploading your image fails.


Your job title. For example, "Quality Assurance Engineer" or "Technical Writer".

First Name

Your first name. For example, "Jane" or "John".

Job Description

A brief description of your job responsibilities.


Your phone number.


Your email address.

Stream Moderation

You can toggle the following options:

  • "Allow others to post to your stream". Check this option so that other users can post comments associated with your user.
  • "Allow others to comment on activity in your stream". Check this option so that other users can reply to items in your activity stream.

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