Creating a Group

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Go Up to Working with Groups

To create a group:

  1. Select Data Sources.
  2. Click the New Group button on the upper-right corner.
  3. In the New Group dialog box that opens:
    1. Enter a Name to identify your new group.
    2. Optionally, if you want your new group to be a child of an existing group:
      1. Write in Parent Group the name of an existing group.
        Tip: As you write the name of the parent group, a context menu appears listing existing groups. You can click an item in the context menu instead of manually writing the whole name of the parent group.
      2. Click the group name to set the parent.
        Note: Click the RemoveItem.gif icon to the right-hand side of the parent name to unset the parent group.
    3. Define the Status of the group using nomenclature you decide upon. You can use for example the following nomenclature: "Approved", "Not Yet Approved", "Implemented", "Not Yet Implemented", and "Deprecated".
    4. Write a Definition that provides detailed information about the group, such as its purpose and audience.
    5. Click Save to save your new group.

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