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The Discussions subpage of glossary pages, term pages, ER object pages, and data source pages lets social users discuss any resource of one of those types.

To start a new discussion, click New Discussion on the top-right corner.

The list of discussion topic in the page provides the following columns:

Item Description


You can click the + or - button in this column to expand or collapse a discussion, respectively.


Title of the discussion.

Started By

User who started the discussion.

When you expand a discussion, you can see the complete text of the first message of the discussion, followed by the replies to the discussions, and then by a text field where you can write your own reply.


Each entry for a reply to the original discussion message displays:

  • The image of the author of the reply.
  • The username of the author of the reply.
  • The actual text of the reply.
  • The date when the user wrote the reply.
  • If you are the author of the reply, there is a Delete button on the right-hand side of the reply date that you can click to delete your reply.

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