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The Description subpage of glossary pages provides detailed information about a glossary.

The page is divided in two columns:


Details Column

The details column provides the following fields:

Item Description

Author and Date

On the top of the page, you can see the following text indicating the user who originally created the glossary, and the date when it was created:

Created by <Author> on <Date>

On the right-hand side of the author and date information, there is an Edit button that you can click to enter the edition mode.

In the edition mode, you can edit the glossary data, and click Save at the bottom of the page to save your changes, or Cancel to revert them.


Name of the glossary.

Parent Glossaries

Parents of the glossary.


Text describing the status of the glossary.


Detailed description of the glossary.


List of abbreviations of the glossary.


List of aliases and synonyms of the glossary.

Additional Notes

Custom information related to the business object that only you can see.

Other users, including super users, cannot see the information in this field.

Stewards Column

The stewards column provides a list of Stewards, users with permission to edit the glossary.

If you are on that list, you can click Edit there to add or remove people from the list.

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