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Creating a term is very much like creating a new glossary. However, you can import a large number of Terms using the Import function.

You can load glossaries and terms from a CSV file into Team Server if you have a CSV file that follows the required format.

To load glossaries and terms from a CSV file:

  1. Select Glossaries on the navigation menu.
  2. Click Load Glossaries on the upper-right corner of the Glossaries page.
  3. On the Load CSV File page that opens:
    1. Click Browse and choose the target CSV file.
    2. Click Load.

Team Server loads the glossaries and terms on the CSV file.

If you do not have a CSV file ready, you can create it. Paste the following into a simple text file and save as a .csv file. For example, Terms.csv.

+++ Glossaries Begin +++

,"My Company Business Glossary",Approved,"Glossary of all commonly used terms used for conducting business at My Company.",,,,admin,,,,,,,,
,Accounting,Approve,"Glossary of commonly used accounting terms.",,,,admin,"My Company Business Glossary",,,,,,,
,"Customer Service",,"Glossary of commonly used customer service terms.",,,,admin,"My Company Business Glossary",,,,,,,
,"Human Resources",,"Glossary of commonly used human resources terms.",,,,admin,"My Company Business Glossary",,,,,,,

+++ Glossaries End +++

+++ Terms Begin +++

,AMT,Approved,"Tax imposed to back up the regular income tax imposed on CORPORATION and individuals to assure that taxpayers with economically measured income exceeding certain thresholds pay at least some income tax.",,,,admin,Accounting,,
,Abatement,Approved,"Complete removal of an amount due, (usually referring to a tax ABATEMENT a penalty abatement or an INTEREST abatement within a governing agency).",,,,admin,Accounting,AMT,

+++ Terms End +++

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