Installing Glossary Tool Tips

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Go Up to Glossary Tool Tip

To enable Glossary Tool Tips on your browser:

  1. Install the Firefox browser Greasemonkey Add-on.
  2. Open Glossaries from the Navigation Menu and click the Glossary tool tip.png button.
Note: The link is also available by clicking Click here for more information at the bottom of every page, including the initial page, prior to log on.
  1. On the page that opens, click the Gloss tool tip button.png button to install the Greasemonkey script.

By default, the script has all web pages enabled. Your Administrator can include and exclude various websites by editing the settings using the administration interface, see Manage Glossary Tool Tips.

When you browse to an included page that has Terms matched to a Term in your Glossaries, it will be underlined. Hover over the underlined Term with your mouse to show the definition or click the popup to open in Connect.

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