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To manage your licenses go to My Settings > Admin > Licenses

The Licenses Administration page is divided in three different parts:

  1. License Add-on Status table indicates how many user connections are allowed and the license type.
  2. Three action links:
    • Refresh: Updates the Add-on Licenses status by reading the licenses files from the specific folder.
    • Register Add-on License: Opens the License page where you can register your licenses.
    • Manage Users: Opens the user connection administration page where the administrator can allocate licenses to ER/Studio Enterprise users, up to the maximum number shown in the License Add-on Status.
  3. Current User Sessions table lists the users that are currently using the application. This table also shows the remote host id, remote IP address, the date and time when the user logged in, and how long the user has been inactive. The Connection Type column display depends on the license type the user is using for this connection. The Action column in this section allows the administrator to log off (disconnect) users. The current user cannot disconnect himself.

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