Obtaining an Access Token Using a Refresh Token

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You can use a refresh token to obtain a new access token without having users go again through the authorization flow.

To obtain a new access token using a refresh token, you must perform a request against http://teamserver.example.com/api/oauth/token providing your refresh token. In your request, you must append the following query parameters to this URL:

Item Example Description



Your refresh token.



The ID of your client application, as registered in the target ER/Studio Team Server installation.



The secret of your client application, as registered in the target ER/Studio Team Server installation.



The type of your access token request.

Provide the value refresh_token here, as your request to ER/Studio Team Server is for an access token in exchange for a refresh token.

The following is an example URL:


ER/Studio Team Server responds in JSON format. The server response includes the following information:

    // Token to include in every API request to get access.
    "access_token": "d4ac0c07-0013-4939-b9ee-0112fdbb7d64",
    // Type of token. This is always "bearer".
    "token_type": "bearer",
    // Token that you can use to get a brand-new access token without further user interaction.
    "refresh_token": "bcd5a78c-9f0a-4ba6-9baa-5872e5acf7bb",
    // Number of seconds before the access token expires. Default value is 86400 (7 days).
    "expires_in": 86399,
    // Granted scope.
    "scope": "read write"

You can now continue using the ER/Studio Team Server API, including the provided access token in every API request.

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