Registering Your API Client Application in ER/Studio Team Server

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In order to obtain authorization to access the ER/Studio Team Server API you must register your client application in the running instance of ER/Studio Team Server that you want to access.

To register your application in the target instance of ER/Studio Team Server, perform an API request with the following parameters:

Note: The specified "clientId" and "secret" must be those that you previously registered with Embarcadero.
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    // Mandatory Fields

    "clientId":            // An UUID that uniquely identifies your client application.

    "secret":              // The secret of your client application.

    "name": "My App",      // The name of your client application.
    "description":         // A description of your client application.
        "My custom API client application",

    "clientType": "1",     // The type of your client application, which may be any of the following:
                           // • Web Application ("0").
                           // • Native Application ("1").

    // Optional Fields

    "nativeType": "4",     // If you choose "clientType": "1", use this property to specify which platform your client
                           // application supports. You may use any of the following values:
                           // • Windows ("0").
                           // • Mac OS X ("1").
                           // • Android ("2").
                           // • iOS ("3").
                           // • Other ("4").

    "home":                // Your client application home page.

    "image":               // A direct link to an image that represents your client application.

    "redirectURL":         // The OAuth callback URL of your client application.

    "stewards": [          // A list with the username of EDN users that are stewards of your client application.
        { "name": "Jane" },
        { "name": "John" }

If your request is successful, you get the following response:

    "client": {
        // Here go the fields in your request, with the exception of the "secret" of your client application.
        // Two additional fields are returned:
        "type": "client",

        "url":             // URL that you can use to update, delete and get your client application data from the API.

Once your client is registered in the target instance of ER/Studio Team Server, you can obtain an API authorization token to obtain further access to the API.

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