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Go Up to Repository Installation

Notepad blue icon 2.pngNote: You need an account on the DBMS server Database with administrator privileges to create a new Repository database.

  1. Log on to Windows with local administrator privileges.
  2. Start the Repository 6.x installation program.
  3. Walk through the installation wizard and make sure you choose the following option:
    • Create new Repository database or initialize an existing, empty database.

Important Notes

The following are notes for parts of the install that may require additional explanation.

If you have previously created the database using the DBMS specific tool:

  • Database Platform: Select Repository current database platform.
  • Server/Connect String: This string depends on the database platform of the current Repository database.
    • SQL Server: Specify the server machine name on which the Repository database is hosted.
    • Oracle: Connection alias generated with Oracle client.
    • DB2: Connection alias generated with DB2 client.
      Notepad blue icon 2.pngNote: If you are running Oracle on x64 bit, you will also need the x32 bit client installed to connect
  • Database name: Enter the current Repository database name.
  • User Name: User name of the user with administrator privileges on the current database.
  • Password: Password of the user with administrator privileges on the current database.
  • Table Tablespace: Enter current tablespace name. Just for Oracle and DB2.
  • Index Tablespace: Enter current index tablespace name. Just for Oracle and DB2.

If you choose to create the database using the Repository Installation Wizard:

  • Automatic Growth for Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 or later: To allow for automatic growth of the database file, click Allow Growth, and then enter a Growth Rate. Express the growth rate as either a percentage of the current database size or the number of MB to add to the database when the database is becoming full. Select the maximum size of the file as either Unlimited or click SIze, and then enter the maximum file size in MB.
  • Use the New Oracle User dialog to create a new user and provide temporary tablespace information for the user. The dialog is self-explanatory, except for the following user identification options:
    • Password: If selected, indicates that Oracle should identify the user with the password provided.
    • Externally: If selected, indicates that Oracle should verify the database user name against an existing operating system user name.
    • Globally: If selected, indicates that Oracle will permit access to the user by obtaining user name and password information from the security domain central authority. This option is only available for Oracle 8.
  • Error Log Viewer: The Error Log View appears if there is a problem creating your Repository database. If you get an error, review the Repository Database requirements to make sure you meet them. For further assistance with creating your Repository Database, contact Embarcadero Technologies Technical Support.

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