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EMCIDeviceErrorEMCIDeviceError is the exception class for devices that provide a Media Control Interface (MCI) driver.

TMediaPlayer controls devices that provide a Media Control Interface (MCI) driver.

TMPButtonStores the properties of a TMediaPlayer button.


EMPNotifyEMPNotify is the type of event handlers that respond when the user interacts with a TMediaPlayer component.
EMPPostNotifyEMPPostNotify is the type of a media player's OnPostClick event handler.
TButtonSetTButtonSet is a set of TMPBtnType values.
TMediaDeviceTMediaDevice is used internally.
TMPBtnTypeTMPBtnType defines the possible buttons in a TMediaPlayer component and TButtonSet represents a set of those buttons.
TMPButtonStores the properties of a TMediaPlayer button.
TMPDevCapsTMPDevCaps defines the capabilities of a TMediaPlayer component and TMPDevCapsSet represents a set of those capabilities.
TMPDevCapsSetRepresents the TMediaPlayer component's set of capabilities.
TMPDeviceTypesTMPDeviceTypes identifies a multimedia device.
TMPGlyphRepresents the bitmap that appears on a TMediaPlayer button.
TMPModesTMPModes identifies the state of a TMediaPlayer component.
TMPNotifyValuesTMPNotifyValues identifies the types of notifications a media device can give a TMediaPlayer component.
TMPTimeFormatsTMPTimeFormats indicates the format a media player uses to indicate position.


btBackbtBack: TMPBtnType = btBack;
btEjectbtEject: TMPBtnType = btEject;
btNextbtNext: TMPBtnType = btNext;
btPausebtPause: TMPBtnType = btPause;
btPlaybtPlay: TMPBtnType = btPlay;
btPrevbtPrev: TMPBtnType = btPrev;
btRecordbtRecord: TMPBtnType = btRecord;
btStepbtStep: TMPBtnType = btStep;
btStopbtStop: TMPBtnType = btStop;
dtAutoSelectdtAutoSelect: TMPDeviceTypes = dtAutoSelect;
dtAVIVideodtAVIVideo: TMPDeviceTypes = dtAVIVideo;
dtCDAudiodtCDAudio: TMPDeviceTypes = dtCDAudio;
dtDATdtDAT: TMPDeviceTypes = dtDAT;
dtDigitalVideodtDigitalVideo: TMPDeviceTypes = dtDigitalVideo;
dtMMMoviedtMMMovie: TMPDeviceTypes = dtMMMovie;
dtOtherdtOther: TMPDeviceTypes = dtOther;
dtOverlaydtOverlay: TMPDeviceTypes = dtOverlay;
dtScannerdtScanner: TMPDeviceTypes = dtScanner;
dtSequencerdtSequencer: TMPDeviceTypes = dtSequencer;
dtVCRdtVCR: TMPDeviceTypes = dtVCR;
dtVideodiscdtVideodisc: TMPDeviceTypes = dtVideodisc;
dtWaveAudiodtWaveAudio: TMPDeviceTypes = dtWaveAudio;
mgColoredmgColored: TMPGlyph = mgColored;
mgDisabledmgDisabled: TMPGlyph = mgDisabled;
mgEnabledmgEnabled: TMPGlyph = mgEnabled;
mpCanEjectmpCanEject: TMPDevCaps = mpCanEject;
mpCanPlaympCanPlay: TMPDevCaps = mpCanPlay;
mpCanRecordmpCanRecord: TMPDevCaps = mpCanRecord;
mpCanStepmpCanStep: TMPDevCaps = mpCanStep;
mpNotReadympNotReady: TMPModes = mpNotReady;
mpOpenmpOpen: TMPModes = mpOpen;
mpPausedmpPaused: TMPModes = mpPaused;
mpPlayingmpPlaying: TMPModes = mpPlaying;
mpRecordingmpRecording: TMPModes = mpRecording;
mpSeekingmpSeeking: TMPModes = mpSeeking;
mpStoppedmpStopped: TMPModes = mpStopped;
mpUsesWindowmpUsesWindow: TMPDevCaps = mpUsesWindow;
nvAbortednvAborted: TMPNotifyValues = nvAborted;
nvFailurenvFailure: TMPNotifyValues = nvFailure;
nvSuccessfulnvSuccessful: TMPNotifyValues = nvSuccessful;
nvSupersedednvSuperseded: TMPNotifyValues = nvSuperseded;
tfBytestfBytes: TMPTimeFormats = tfBytes;
tfFramestfFrames: TMPTimeFormats = tfFrames;
tfHMStfHMS: TMPTimeFormats = tfHMS;
tfMillisecondstfMilliseconds: TMPTimeFormats = tfMilliseconds;
tfMSFtfMSF: TMPTimeFormats = tfMSF;
tfSamplestfSamples: TMPTimeFormats = tfSamples;
tfSMPTE24tfSMPTE24: TMPTimeFormats = tfSMPTE24;
tfSMPTE25tfSMPTE25: TMPTimeFormats = tfSMPTE25;
tfSMPTE30tfSMPTE30: TMPTimeFormats = tfSMPTE30;
tfSMPTE30DroptfSMPTE30Drop: TMPTimeFormats = tfSMPTE30Drop;
tfTMSFtfTMSF: TMPTimeFormats = tfTMSF;
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