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ER/Studio Data Architect 9.6.1

Published October 21, 2013

Release 9.6.1 features summary:

In addition to many bug fixes, 9.6.1 offers the following new features.

Release 9.6 features summary:

Firebird DBMS Now Supported

ER/Studio Data Architect now officially supports Firebird 1.5, 2.1 and 2.5.

Increased Memory Availability

ER/Studio Data Architect is now able to use up to 4GB of memory on 64 bit machines and up to 3GB of memory on 32 bit Windows.

IDERA Connect

IDERA Connect is a new product that provides functionality previously provided by ER/Studio Portal.

In addition, a Connect server stores data source definitions that can be used by ER/Studio Data Architect. This lets you centralize data source management as well as administer any data governance policies regarding datasource definitions.

ER/Studio Data Architect functionality requiring database connectivity now lets you select an IDERA Connect connection, identify the data source, and provide credentials.

Specific features that accommodate IDERA Connect data sources include:

  • Reverse engineering
  • Generating databases
  • Compare/Merge utility
  • Where Used tab of the Table Editor

In addition, you can relate models to Connect data sources. You can also initiate creation of a new data source on IDERA Connect from ER/Studio Data Architect.

New Platform Version Support

As of this release, ER/Studio Data Architect functionality is available for the following platform versions:

  • TeraData 14
  • IBM DB2 for Linux, Unix, and Windows Version 10
  • Netezza 7
  • InterBase XE and XE3

New InterBase Object Type Support

The following object types are now supported for InterBase 2009, XE, and XE3:

  • Generators
  • Triggers
  • Procedures

SQL Server Sequence Support

Sequences, introduced in SQL Server 2012, are now supported by ER/Studio Data Architect. Functionality available for Oracle and DB2 Sequences is now provided for SQL Server 2012 modeling.

Oracle Named NOT NULL Constraints

In previous releases, ER/Studio Data Architect treated named NOT NULL constraints as simple check constraints. ER/Studio Data Architect now supports named NOT NULL constraints directly in the user interface, reverse and forward engineering, and throughout the product.

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