Index Pages

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Displays index information in the database summary. Below is an example of index page information, followed by an explanation of each item.

Depth: 2, leaf buckets: 2, nodes: 27
Average data length: 45.00, total dup: 0, max dup: 0
Fill distribution:
0 - 19% = 0
20 - 39% = 0
40 - 59% = 1
60 - 79% = 0
80 - 99% = 1
Index Pages Information
Item Description


The name of the index.


The number of levels in the index page tree. If the depth of the index page tree is greater than three, then sorting may not be as efficient as possible. To reduce the depth of the index page tree, increase the page size. If increasing the page size does not reduce the depth, then return it to its previous size.

Leaf buckets

The number of leaf (bottom level) pages in the index page tree.


The total number of index pages in the tree.

Average data length

The average length of each key, in bytes.

Total dup

The total number of rows that have duplicate indexes.

Max dup

The number of duplicates of the index with the most duplicates

Fill distribution

A histogram that shows the number of index pages filled to the specified percentages.