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The Query menu contains the following entries:

  • Load Script loads a SQL script file
  • Save Script saves a SQL script file
  • Next steps you forward to the next SQL statement after you have used the Previous command to display earlier statements in the stack.
  • Previous displays the previous statement that you entered in the input area. This command can be used repeatedly to step through the stack of statements entered during the current interactive SQL session.
  • Execute executes the SQL statements currently displayed in the input area.
  • Execute Selection executes the selected portion of the SQL statement displayed.
  • Fetch All forces the IBConsole to fetch all the rows of a subquery rather than a subset. Rarely needed, because IBConsole fetches the results as you scroll down in the output area.
  • Prepare displays the optimization plan in the SQL output area.
  • Cancel exits the optimization plan.
  • Save Output saves the contents of the output area to a text file.
  • Wizard opens the Query Wizard where you can create query scripts.

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