Querying Service Tasks

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Some service tasks return textual output. You can use the following items with isc_service_query() to request output of a service task. The tasks that generate output are those corresponding to the following Services API task items: isc_action_svc_backup, isc_action_svc_restore, isc_action_svc_repair, isc_action_svc_db_stats, isc_action_svc_get_ib_log, and isc_action_get_users.

Services API task query items
Task result items Purpose Return length Return value


One line of output from a service task

2 bytes + string

Line of text


Multiple lines of output from a service task, up to the size of the result buffer

2 bytes + string

Buffer of text


Returns TRUE if a service task is already running on the server; used for a non-blocking check for a task in progress

4 bytes

Unsigned long;
1 or 0


See: Additional Data for Security Information




Limbo transaction information for unresolved distributed transactions

See below

See below


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