Setting the Installation Options

From InterBase

The InstallOptions property allows you to set which InterBase components are to be installed. Set any of the following options to <True> to install it. For more information on each option, refer to the online help for TInstallOptions.

TIBInstall options
Option Installs:


the InterBase command line tools, including isql, gbak, and gsec.


the InterBase connectivity clients, including ODBC, OLE DB, and JDBC.


the InterBase database and API examples.


the main InterBase components, including the client, server, documentation, GUI tools, and development tools.

TIBInstall keeps track of the installed options in the uninstall file.

The following code snippet shows how you could set up a series of check boxes to allow a user to select the InterBase main components:

procedure TSampleform.ExecuteClick(Sender: TObject);
MComps : TMainOptions;
Execute.Visible := False;
Cancel.Visible := True;
MComps := [];
if ServerCheck.Checked then
Include(MComps, moServer);
if ClientCheck.Checked then
Include(MComps, moClient);
if ConServerCheck.Checked then
Include(MComps, moConServer);
if GuiToolsCheck.Checked then
Include(MComps, moGuiTools);
if DevCheck.Checked then
Include(MComps, moDevelopment);
if DocCheck.Checked then
Include(MComps, moDocumentation);
IBInstall1.InstallOptions.MainComponents := MComps;