The Driver Class

From InterBase

Each database driver must provide a Driver class that implements the java.sql.Driver interface. The interbase.interclient.Driver class is an all-Java implementation of a JDBC driver that is specific to InterBase. The interbase.interclient package supports most of the JDBC classes and methods plus some added extensions that are not part of the JDBC API.

To access an InterBase database, the InterClient driver communicates via a TCP/IP connection with the InterBase server. InterBase processes the SQL statements and passes the results back to the InterClient driver.


Any JDBC driver must comply with the JDBC standard for multithreading, which requires that all operations on Java objects be able to handle concurrent execution.

For a given connection, several threads must be able to safely call the same object simultaneously. The InterClient driver is thread safe. For example, your application can execute two or more statements over the same connection concurrently, and process both result sets concurrently, without generating errors or ambiguous results.