To Run a SQL Script Using IBConsole

From InterBase

1. If you are not already in the SQL window, click the Launch SQL toolbar button or choose Tools|Interactive SQL.
2. If you are not running the SQL script on the database to which you are currently connected, then check that the file begins with a valid, uncommented, CONNECT or CREATE DATABASE statement.
3. Choose Query|Load Script.
4. Enter or locate the desired script filename in the Open dialog, and click Open to load the script into the SQL input area.
5. Click the Execute toolbar button, or choose Query|Execute.

If IBConsole encounters an error, an information dialog appears indicating the error. Once IBConsole finishes executing the script, the script results are displayed in the SQL output window.

After a script executes, all isql session settings prior to executing the script are restored as well as the previous database connection, if any. In other words, any isql SET commands in the script affect only the isql session while the script is running.