VAR Introduction

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VAR Portal Introduction

This initiative is expected to enhance the InterBase VAR Program by providing a Sales and Customer-centric VAR portal to enable potential VARs to easily become Embarcadero customers. The process is focusing on improving not only the customer experience, but also the control and management data we have around the usage of InterBase.

Attached to this section is the overview document with the proposed changes that are currently being Implemented, along with the overview slide deck that has been used at SKO across International (which is a useful summary of the working proposal document).

In short, the aims of the VAR program changes are to achieve a "mobile phone" style contract that enables software houses to silently embed InterBase and pay for their usage at the end of the billing period.

The intention is that this page will create visibility of where the project is current at during delivery. The end purpose is to have ready material that can be used with the marketing of RAD Studio that will link in nicely with the InterBase project and drive good traction for InterBase sales because of both projects.