Who Qualifies to be a VAR?

From InterBase

What is a VAR

A VAR is a company that:

  • is either: 1) an OEM (original equipment manufacturer); or (2) an ISV (Independent Software Vendor).
  • develops and sells their own software that runs with InterBase.
  • has the ability to be main line support for InterBase with their own product.

Basic Requirements to Qualify as a VAR

Credit rating information gathered on a new VAR:

  • Account records for at least two years
  • Two business? references
  • Bank references
  • Quarterly reports
  • An upfront commitment unless buying from the price list.
NOTE: This requirements is often removed by the account manager as a requirement?

InterBase and VAR

Initially, Embarcadero works with you as a new VAR to ensure a trouble-free start-up process:

  • Initial support is provided for testing and to help get the VAR install working Need to specify the amount of time provided for this...
  • Internal InterBase licenses
  • An element of external Licenses for the first deployment