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property Eof: Boolean read FEOF; {Upper case EOF conflicts with C++}


__property bool Eof = {read=FEOF, nodefault};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property public
Data.DB TDataSet


Indicates whether a dataset is positioned at the last record.

Test Eof (end-of-file) to determine if the active record in a dataset is the last record. If Eof is true, the current record is unequivocally the last row in the dataset. Eof is true when an application:

Opens an empty dataset.

Calls a dataset's Last method. (Unless it is a unidirectional dataset)

Call a dataset's Next method, and the method fails because the current record is already the last row in the dataset.

Calls SetRange on an empty range or dataset.

Eof is false in all other cases.

Tip: If both Eof and Bof are true, the dataset or range is empty.

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