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TPopup = class(TStyledControl)


class PASCALIMPLEMENTATION TPopup : public TStyledControl


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
class public
FMX.Controls FMX.Controls


TPopup provides a pop-up window.

Use TPopup to display content in a temporary window. By default, a TPopup content is empty. You can add any number of objects to the TPopup content:

To position a TPopup, use the following properties:

When TPopup is open, it does not reposition itself if its parent is repositioned. To drag a TPopup together with its parent, set the DragWithParent property to True.

TPopup supports animations and graphic effects. The animations and graphic effects are applied to the displayed window, and not to every child of the TPopup. For opacity effects, set the effects directly to the TPopup children. TPopup children do not inherit the animations and effects applied to the parent.

If TPopup is not explicitly sized, it is sized by its content. In this case, if an effect is applied that increases the content's displayed size, part of the content might be obscured. To avoid this, explicitly set the size for TPopup or set its bounds through the BoundsRect, Margins, and Padding properties.

To open and explicitly close a TPopup, set the TPopup.IsOpen property to True and False, respectively. (We do not recommend using Popup and ClosePopup.)

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