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Defines classes and types for manipulating .dae models.

Package fmxdae270.bpl


EDAEErrorCatches errors related to Collada models.
TDAEControllerStores a mesh based on its ID.
TDAEMeshTDAEMesh defines a mesh used to define the shape of an imported DAE model.
TDAEModelRepresents a Collada 3D model.
TDAEVisualNodeSpecifies a node in the representation of a digital asset exchange (DAE) model.
TDAEVisualSceneRepresents a dynamic array of TDAEVisualNode objects.
TGEEffectRepresents the effect applied over materials used to fill a digital asset exchange (DAE) model.


PDAEVertexSourcePointer to TDAEVertexSource.
TDAEControllerDynArrayDynamically allocated array of TDAEController objects.
TDAEExporterSpecifes the type of the exporter of the imported model.
TDAEMeshDynArrayDynamically allocated array of TDAEMesh objects.
TDAESurfaceTDAESurface defines a surface of a DAE model.
TDAESurfaceArrayArray of TDAESurface objects.
TDAEVertexSourceTDAEVertexSource defines a source of vertex attributes for DAE models.
TDAEVertexSourceDynArrayDynamically allocated array of TDAEVertexSource objects.
TDAEVerticesTDAEVertices defines a collection of vertices used to describe a DAE model.
TDAEVisualNodeDynArrayDynamically allocated array of TDAEVisualNode objects.
TDAEVisualSceneDynArrayDynamically allocated array of TDAEVisualScene objects.
TGEMapRepresents a record used by TGEEffect to determine the effect applied over materials used to fill a digital asset exchange (DAE) model.
TGEPhongMapModeSpecifies the color components for the Phong map mode.
TSourceModeSpecifies the model's type of manipulated source.
TSourceSemanticTSourceSemantic defines a source of vertices for DAE models.
TSourceSemanticDynArrayDynamically allocated array of TSourceSemantics objects.
TSourceSemanticListArray of TSourceSemantic objects.
TSourceSemanticsArray of TSourceSemantic objects.