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constructor Create(AOwner: TComponent); override;


__fastcall virtual TTabControlAction(System::Classes::TComponent* AOwner);


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
constructor public
FMX.TabControl TTabControlAction


Instantiates and initializes a FireMonkey TCustomAction object.

FMX.TabControl.TTabControlAction.Create inherits from FMX.ActnList.TCustomAction.Create. All content below this line refers to FMX.ActnList.TCustomAction.Create.

Instantiates and initializes a FireMonkey TCustomAction object.

Applications do not need to call the constructor directly. Actions are created automatically when you add them to an action list component using New Action in the Action List editor at design time.

If you want to create an action at run time, assign a TActionList component to its ActionList property after calling Create.

AOwner is the component that is responsible for freeing the action. It becomes the value of the Owner property.

Create calls an inherited System.Actions.TContainedAction.Create constructor and then initializes the Supported property with True .

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