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Contains the FireDAC components.


FireDAC.Comp.BatchMoveContains the FireDAC components, classes and types for processing the movement of data between different data sources and destinations. This unit includes the following classes: TFDBatchMove, TFDBatchMoveDriver, TFDBatchMoveMappings and others.
FireDAC.Comp.BatchMove.DataSetContains the FireDAC classes used to define the source and destination datasets, including TFDBatchMoveDataSetDriver, TFDBatchMoveDataSetReader and TFDBatchMoveDataSetWriter.
FireDAC.Comp.ClientContains the FireDAC core components for data access, including TFDConnection, TFDQuery, TFDStoredProc, TFDMemTable, and so forth.
FireDAC.Comp.DataSetContains the FireDAC TFDDataSet base dataset class and additional utility methods and classes.
FireDAC.Comp.ScriptContains the TFDScript scripting engine class and additional utility methods and classes.
FireDAC.Comp.UIContains most of the FireDAC UI components, including TFDGUIxAsyncExecuteDialog, TFDGUIxErrorDialog, TFDGUIxLoginDialog, TFDGUIxScriptDialog and TFDGUIxWaitCursor classes.