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property Active: Boolean read GetActive write SetActive default 0;


__property Active = {default=0};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property published
FireDAC.Comp.Client TFDCommand


Gets or sets the active status of the command.

FireDAC.Comp.Client.TFDCommand.Active inherits from FireDAC.Comp.Client.TFDCustomCommand.Active. All content below this line refers to FireDAC.Comp.Client.TFDCustomCommand.Active.

Gets or sets the active status of the command.

Set Active to True to execute the SQL command and return the cursor. After that, the State equals csOpen and you can fetch rows from the current cursor using the Fetch method. Setting Active to True, calls the Open method.

Set Active to False to close the current command cursor. After that, State equals csPrepared. Setting Active to False, calls the Close method. To close all command cursors (if the command returns multiple result sets), use the CloseAll method.

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