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constructor Create(AOwner: TComponent); override;


__fastcall virtual TFDTable(System::Classes::TComponent* AOwner);


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
constructor public
FireDAC.Comp.Client TFDTable


Creates an instance of a TDataSet component.

FireDAC.Comp.Client.TFDTable.Create inherits from Data.DB.TDataSet.Create. All content below this line refers to Data.DB.TDataSet.Create.

Creates an instance of a TDataSet component.

Call Create to instantiate a dataset component at runtime. TDataSet contains abstract methods, and is not intended to be used in applications. Instead, applications instantiate dataset descendants such as TClientDataSet, TADODataSet, TTable, TQuery, TStoredProc, or TSQLDataSet.

AOwner is the component, typically a form or data module, that is responsible for freeing the dataset. It becomes the value of the Owner property.

Create creates the auxiliary objects such as empty field and field definition lists and initializes default property values (such as setting AutoCalcFields to true).

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