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Contains the TFDScript scripting engine class and additional utility methods and classes.

Package FireDAC270.bpl


TFDScript The class implementing the SQL script engine, capable to execute a series of SQL queries.
TFDScriptCommandThe base class for custom script commands.
TFDScriptCommandRegistryThe list of the registered script commands.
TFDScriptOptionsThe class implementing SQL script engine options.
TFDSQLScriptAn in-memory stored SQL script.
TFDSQLScriptsTFDSQLScripts is a collection of TFDSQLScript objects.


FDKeywordMatchCompares up to a specified maximum number of characters in two strings.
FDScriptCommandRegistryReturns a reference to the TFDScriptCommandRegistry singleton.


TFDConsoleGetEventOccurs when getting results from the console.
TFDConsoleLockUpdateOccurs when locking console updates.
TFDConsolePutEventOccurs on input to the console.
TFDGetTextEventOccurs when getting a text file.
TFDHostCommandEventOccurs when an OS host command must be executed.
TFDPauseEventOccurs when pausing all activity from the console.
TFDScriptCommandLookupResSpecifies command-text matching.
TFDScriptEchoCommandsSpecifies which commands are echoed.
TFDScriptSpoolOutputModeSpecifies the spooling output.
TFDScriptStatusSpecifies the script status.
TFDScriptTextModeSpecifies the text reading/writing modes.