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Contains the Advantage Database Server driver and service components for FireDAC.

Package FireDACADSDriver.bpl


TFDADSBackupThe class implementing Advantage backup database services.
TFDADSBackupRestoreThe base class for backup and restore Advantage service classes.
TFDADSRestoreThe class implementing the Advantage service restoring a database from a backup.
TFDADSServiceThe base class for all Advantage service classes.
TFDADSUtilityThe class implementing Advantage table utilities.
TFDPhysADSDriverLinkUse the TFDPhysADSDriverLink component to link the Advantage Database Server driver to an application and set it up.


Firedac_Phys_AdsSpecifies the type of backup options and restore options.
TFDADSBackupOptionsSpecifies the type of backup options.
TFDADSRestoreOptionsSpecifies the type of the restore options.