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Contains the FireDAC param classes: TFDParam, TFDMacro, and so forth.

Package FireDACCommon.bpl


TFDMacroRepresents a substitution variable for a query part.
TFDMacrosRepresents a collection of TFDMacro objects.
TFDParamRepresents a parameter for a query or a stored procedure.
TFDParamsTFDParams manages a list of TFDParam objects.


FDRegisterParamObjectClassRegisters the specified object class for the group of field types where the specified field type belongs.
FDVar2SQLReturns the result of the FDVar2SQLTyped function.
FDVar2SQLTypedReturns a string depending on the Variant and TFDMacroDataType types.
FDVarType2FieldTypeReturns a TFDMacroDataType.


TFDMacroDataTypeRepresents a set of constants used to identify the type of a variant.
TFDParamArrayTypeRepresents a set of constants that define the type of a parameter.
TFDParamBindModeRepresents a set of constants that define how parameters are bound.


C_FieldType2VarTypeContains an array of TFieldType.


C_FDDataAttributeNamesC_FDDataAttributeNames: :6;
C_FDDataOptionNamesC_FDDataOptionNames: :7;
C_FDParamArrayTypeNamesC_FDParamArrayTypeNames: :8;
C_MacroDataType2VarTypeC_MacroDataType2VarType: array[0..9] of Integer;
C_MacroTypeNamesC_MacroTypeNames: :9;
C_ParamTypeNamesC_ParamTypeNames: :5;