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function DoHint(var HintStr: string): Boolean; dynamic;


DYNAMIC bool __fastcall DoHint(System::UnicodeString &HintStr);


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
function public
System.Actions TContainedAction


Calls the OnHint event handler.

Typically, applications do not call the DoHint method. It is called automatically when the user pauses the mouse on one of the action's client controls or menu items. DoHint is called by the action's client when the client asks to show the hint.

DoHint checks for an OnHint event handler and passes HintStr to it, if the event handler exists. The OnHint event handler can change the specified hint string HintStr. DoHint returns True if no event handler is assigned or if OnHint returns True.

DoHint can be used to determine which hint text should be shown. For example, Vcl.Controls.TControlActionLink.DoShowHint calls DoHint internally, and if DoHint returns True, then Vcl.Controls.TControlActionLink.DoShowHint appends the action's shortcut specification to the hint text to display.

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