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__fastcall DelphiInterface<T>() : intf(0)
__fastcall DelphiInterface<T>(const DelphiInterface<ANOTHERINTF> &rhs) : intf(0)
__fastcall DelphiInterface<T>(const DelphiInterface<T> &rhs)
__fastcall DelphiInterface<T>(T* rhs)


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
constructor public systobj.h System DelphiInterface


Creates an instance of System.DelphiInterface.

The System.DelphiInterface.DelphiInterface constructor is overloaded to create a System.DelphiInterface in one of three ways:

  • When used with no parameters, System.DelphiInterface.DelphiInterface creates a NULL interface.
  • When used with another System.DelphiInterface object (the copy constructor), System.DelphiInterface.DelphiInterface creates a new copy of the interface specified by rhs, incrementing the reference count of the underlying interface.
  • When used with an interface pointer of the underlying type, System.DelphiInterface.DelphiInterface wraps the underlying interface specified by rhs and increments its reference count.