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property Pages[Index: Integer]: TTabSheet read GetPage;


__property TTabSheet* Pages[int Index] = {read=GetPage};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property public
Vcl.ComCtrls TPageControl


Lists all the pages in the TPageControl.

Use Pages to gain direct access to a particular page in the page control. For example, use Pages to disable individual pages in the page control. Specify which page to access using Index, where an Index of 0 specifies the first page, an Index of 1 specifies the second page, and so on. Each page is a TTabSheet object.

To locate a page in the page control by its position relative to another page, use the FindNextPage method.

Note: Pages is a read-only property. To add a tab sheet to a page control at design time, right click and select New Page. To add a tab sheet to a page control at runtime, create the tab sheet and set its PageControl property to the page control.

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