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property Scaled: Boolean read GetScaled write SetScaled stored IsForm default True;


__property bool Scaled = {read=GetScaled, write=SetScaled, stored=IsForm, default=1};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property public
Vcl.Forms TCustomForm


Specifies whether the form is sized according to the value of the PixelsPerInch property.

Scaled determines whether the form adjusts itself to differences between the font used at design time and the current system font used by a system at runtime. If Scaled is true, the form resizes itself and all its child controls to maintain the relationship between the size of controls and the height of text displayed in the default font. If Scaled is false, no such resizing occurs.

By setting Scaled to true, the form can adjust to fonts that are not scalable (that is, fonts that only supply discrete point sizes) or to differences such as forms designed using small fonts at design time that are run on systems that use large fonts.

The degree of resizing is determined by the PixelsPerInch property, which measures the proportion of the font on the system used when designing the form.

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