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property Imes: TStrings read GetImes;


__property System::Classes::TStrings* Imes = {read=GetImes};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property public
Vcl.Forms TScreen


Lists all input method editors (IMEs) installed on the system.

Read Imes to obtain a list of all Imes that are listed in the Windows registry. An IME is a front-end input processor for Asian language characters. The IME hooks all keyboard input, converts it to Asian characters in a conversion window, and sends the converted characters or strings on to the application. IMEs vary in user interface, conversion dictionaries, and input method.

Individual controls can require a specific IME to process the keyboard input when they have focus. To specify an IME, the control sets its ImeName property to one of the strings in Imes.

Each IME name in Imes has an associated keyboard layout handle. A keyboard layout handle is a Windows handle that identifies the primary language and IME used to process keyboard input. Use the keyboard layout handle in Windows API calls for programming the IME. To get the keyboard layout handle for a particular IME, a control can use code such as the following:

HKeyboard := Screen.Imes.Objects(Screen.Imes.IndexOf(ImeName));

HKeyboard = Screen->Imes->Objects(Screen->Imes->IndexOf(ImeName));

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