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Note: Vcl.Ribbon is not included in the RAD Studio installation, it must be installed separately using the GetIt Package Manager.

Unit for TRibbon and related classes.


ERibbonExceptionERibbonException is the exception class for ribbons controls.
IRibbonInterface for ribbon control.
IRibbonGroupInterface implemented by any ribbon-specific group.
IRibbonQuickAccessToolbarInterface for the ribbon's Quick Access Toolbar.
TApplicationMenuContains properties associated with the Application Menu.
TCustomActionControlBarTCustomActionControlBar is the base class for action control bar objects that manage a set of actions.
TCustomRibbonBase class for all ribbon controls.
TCustomRibbonClassTCustomRibbonClass defines the metaclass for TCustomRibbon.
TCustomRibbonColorMapTCustomRibbonColorMap is the base class for ribbon color themes.
TCustomRibbonGroupAlign and display all controls on ribbon.
TCustomRibbonPageHolds groups of controls.
TCustomRibbonQuickAccessPopupToolbarQuick Access Pop-up Toolbar base class.
TCustomRibbonQuickAccessToolbarQuick Access Toolbar base class.
TCustomTabDataEncapsulates all functions and status to manage scrolling of tabs and selected group.
THelpButtonButton to activate help.
TOffice2007ButtonThe class for the Office 2007 button.
TQuickAccessToolbarQuick Access Toolbar appearance.
TQuickAccessToolbarGroupItemDisplay Quick Access Toolbar commands to display entire Ribbon group.
TQuickAccessToolbarGroupsDisplays the Quick Access Toolbar commands that display the ribbon groups when clicked.
TRibbonTRibbon implements ribbon control.
TRibbonCustomizeDlgRibbon customization dialog for action bands.
TRibbonGroupControl used to display the user selectable commands for the ribbon.
TRibbonGroupCollapsedControlControl used to represent a collapsed group on a tab.
TRibbonGroupDockFormDisplay a collapsed group.
TRibbonGroupScrollButtonTRibbonGroupScrollButton is the class for the ribbon group controls' scroll buttons.
TRibbonLunaColorMapColor map class for Luna.
TRibbonObsidianColorMapColor map class for Obsidian.
TRibbonPageTab page for ribbon control.
TRibbonQuickAccessToolbarQuck Access Toolbar.
TRibbonSilverColorMapColor map class for Silver.
TRibbonSystemButtonThe class for the system buttons.
TRibbonTabItemCollection of information about ribbon tab items, their captions, and key tip values.
TRibbonTabsCollection of information about ribbon pages.


TCommandTypeTCommandType enumerates the possible types of items to be displayed in the right pane of the Application Menu.
TIconSizeEnumerates the possible sizes of an icon used in ribbon controls, for example TApplicationMenu.
TRibbonGroupVariantEnumerates the possible sizes of a ribbon group: collapsed, small, medium, or large.
TRibbonMetricMetric enumeration for ribbon controls.
TRibbonScrollButtonEnumerates the possible ribbon scroll buttons.
TRibbonScrollButtonsSpecifies a set of the ribbon's scroll buttons.
TTabActiveScrollButtonEnumeration used to specify which scroll button is active.
TTabSeparatorStatePosition of Quick Access Toolbar.