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property List: IXMLNodeList read GetList;


__property Xml::Xmlintf::_di_IXMLNodeList List = {read=GetList};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property protected
Xml.XMLDoc TXMLNodeCollection


Lists the interfaces for the children that are repeated elements.

Applications can't use the protected List property. TXMLNodeCollection uses this property internally to identify those child nodes that are repeated elements. Because TXMLNodeCollection can correspond to a node in the XML document that has additional children that are not instances of the repeating node type, List is kept separate from the ChildNodes property, which lists all child nodes.

Applications that need to access the child nodes in this list should use the Nodes property of the IXMLNodeCollection interface for this node or the Items property of an IXMLNodeCollection descendant that is generated by the XML Data Binding wizard.

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