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function Map(const Access: TMapAccess; var Data: TBitmapData): Boolean;


bool __fastcall Map(const TMapAccess Access, TBitmapData &Data);


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
function public
FMX.Graphics TBitmap


Gets direct access to the bitmap data of the current TBitmap.

Access specifies the type of access.

Data specifies the TBitmapData to which the data of the current bitmap is mapped.

Use Map to get access to the data of the current bitmap. Map returns True if the access succeeded, and False otherwise. To manipulate the current bitmap data, use the Data and Pitch attributes of Data, and the routines in the FMX.Types.TPixelFormat unit. The routines in FMX.Types.TPixelFormat allow manipulating Data as pixels or as TAlphaColor. To end the customizing session of the current bitmap, call Unmap. Any session opened with a Map call must be closed with an Unmap call.

The access to the bitmap data can be:

  • Read-only: the current bitmap does not change if the Data is changed.
  • Write-only: the current Data cannot be read but it can be changed.
  • Read and write: the Data can be read and, if modified, the current bitmap is also modified.

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