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function GetModuleFileName(Module: HMODULE; Buffer: PChar; BufLen: Integer): Integer;


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
function public System.pas System System


Returns the fully qualified name for a module, given its handle.

Call GetModuleFileName to obtain the fully qualified name of a module, given its handle. On Windows, use the Windows API with the same name instead.

Module is the handle of the module whose file name is required.

Buffer is a buffer that receives the file name.

BufLen is the number of bytes in Buffer.

GetModuleFileName returns the number of bytes written to Buffer.

Warning: GetModuleFileName is not always successful. Depending on the way the application is called, the presence of the /proc file system, and other factors, there are times when GetModuleFileName may return a name that is not fully qualified or, in some cases, no file name at all. Be sure to check the results of this function before using the returned value.

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