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property Pitch: TFontPitch read GetPitch write SetPitch;


__property System::Uitypes::TFontPitch Pitch = {read=GetPitch, write=SetPitch, nodefault};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property public
Vcl.ComCtrls TTextAttributes


Specifies whether the characters in the font all have the same width.

Each typeface has an associated pitch. The characters in fixed-pitch fonts are all the same width. The characters in variable-pitch fonts differ in width. Fixed pitch fonts are generally used for representing source code, because they allow the indentation to line up properly. Variable pitch fonts are generally used to give text a more natural appearance.

Here are the possible values for Pitch:

Value Meaning


The font pitch is set to the default value, which depends on the font specified in the Name property.


The font pitch is set to fixed. All characters in the font have the same width.


The font pitch is set to variable. The characters in the font have different widths.

Note: Setting the Pitch of a fixed-pitch font to fpVariable or a variable-pitch font to fpFixed will cause Windows to find what it considers the best match to all of the font characteristics that have been specified. This might have no effect on the appearance of a font, or might cause Windows to substitute a different font with the appropriate pitch. For example, setting the pitch of MS Serif (a variable-pitch font) to fpFixed causes Courier to be displayed.

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