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This topic describes how to connect to an installation of Teradata Database using FireDAC.

Supported Versions

The FireDAC native driver supports Teradata Database version 13 or later.

Client Software

Windows Client Software

FireDAC requires you to install the Teradata ODBC Driver For Windows on your workstation. To install this driver:

  1. Download the ODBC Driver Suite archive for Windows
  2. Extract the downloaded archive.
  3. Run the setup.exe installer that you can find inside the extracted folder.
  4. Let the installer guide you through the steps required to install the driver on your system.

If the Teradata Database ODBC driver has not been properly installed, an exception is raised when you try to connect:

[FireDAC][Phys][ODBC][Teradata][ODBC Teradata Driver] Not enough information to log on.

Linux Client Software

FireDAC requires you to:

  1. Install the Teradata ODBC Driver for Linux.
  2. Configure the odbc.ini file.

The Teradata ODBC driver is not compatible with unixODBC. Instead, you must use the DirecData ODBC driver manager supplied with the Teradata ODBC Driver for Linux. For more information see:

Driver Linkage

To link the driver:

Connection Definition Parameters

To connect to the registered database, an application should specify its name using the Server parameter. Also specify User_Name and Password parameters (see Defining Connection (FireDAC) for details).


Parameter Description Example value

IP address of the Teradata Database server or alias of that server.

When an alias name is specified, it is resolved at connect time.
User_Name The Teradata Database user name. dbc
Password The Teradata Database user password. dbc
Database Database name. MyDatabase

Specifies the charset name to override the Teradata Database server character set.

The following values are supported:

  • UTF8
  • UTF16
  • LATIN1252_0A
  • LATIN9_0A
  • LATIN1_0A
  • TCHBIG5_1R0
  • SCHGB2312_1T0
  • HANGULKSC5601_2R4

If enabled (Yes) this option lets users connect to the Teradata Database server through Single Sign On. If the user provides the username, password and domain name, then it will be treated as Third-party Sign On.

This option overrides the value set for the same option during DSN configuration.

When No is selected, Single Sign On is unavailable.

Note: This feature is only supported on Windows.

This option allows you to select the mode (Teradata or ANSI) for sessions on a Teradata Database server. See Teradata Database, Session Modes.


When enabled (Yes) the ODBC Driver for Teradata Database encrypts data and thus the Teradata Database gateway and ODBC Driver for Teradata Database communicate with each other in a encrypted manner.

When disabled (No), the ODBC Driver for Teradata Database only encrypts logon information.


Controls the extended description of the query result sets:

  • True - FireDAC describes a result set to get all the possible column attributes - is nullable, is auto incrementing, to which domain it belongs, etc. Setting this option to True slightly slows down a dataset opening.
  • False - FireDAC uses the restricted information about the query columns (default).

Use Cases

  • Connect to Teradata Database server:

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